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Hornswoggle claims his WWE Wellness suspension wasn't for drug use

In retrospect, Hornswoggle's Wellness Policy suspension last Fall looks like the beginning of the end for the now-released Superstar.

Only WWE brass know if that played a role in their decision to cut him loose, but seeing as how he was never really used after the September, 2015 announcement, it couldn't have helped.

Which makes his discussion with Stone Cold on the latest Steve Austin Show about that suspension even more interesting. Swoggle, as he's now going by for bookings, vehemently denied testing positive for any substance, "I’ve never been a drug user, ever, in my career. Ever." The suspension came about because he was unable to provide a urine sample within the required two hour window.

He says he asked the company to word their announcement in a way that would explain the circumstances, but they would not. He told Austin it was "the only thing in 10 years [with WWE] that rubbed me the wrong way."

WWE's policy is clear about the timeframe within which talent have to provide a sample. That's a common requirement of drug testing programs, to ensure those being tested aren't able to dilute specimens or use other means to tamper with results.

There's also a minimum specimen size a subject has to provide.

As stated above, we'll never know what role this played in the release of Dylan Postl (Hornswoggle's real name), but given that he was let go - and with increased interest in the Wellness Policy due to all that's gone on with Adam Rose's suspension - it's an interesting anecdote.

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