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Adam Rose appears in court, judge sets bail

Rose's wife argued on his behalf before the judge on Thursday morning.

On Thursday morning, Raymond Leppan (also known as Adam Rose) and his wife appeared in a Florida court. TMZ reported on the hearing and posted the above video, which shows portions of what happened in court today, including the judge's initial ruling.

Leppan has been in police custody since his arrest on Wednesday, but the judge decided against issuing a restraining order and ordered the bail for Leppan's release to be set at $1,000. Leppan is being charged with domestic battery and tampering with a witness, but his wife argued on behalf of Leppan and pleaded with the judge to allow him to return home, as they have a special needs child.

Both Leppan's wife and his lawyer argued that Leppan's actions were "not aggressive or painful" but more "passionate" in nature. The judge sided with them and declined to issue a restraining order. He also ruled that Leppan see a pastor for counseling once a week until his next court date in June.

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