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Bayley open to Hell in a Cell match, if it's with Sasha Banks

The WWE folks down in NXT have been making great use of the Facebook Live feature of late, and that includes a Q&A with former women's champion Bayley. They covered a number of topics, but there were two quotes that stuck out, starting with the fact that she's up for a Hell in a Cell match provided Sasha Banks is her opponent:

"If it's with Sasha Banks, I will do anything because I just want to keep making history, you know? Don't tell her how much I'm talking about her in this thing."

If WWE get decides to go that route, they've got the perfect opponents for it.

She also asked Becky Lynch to give her a call to help with her current feud with Emma on the main roster:

"I have two main goals: 1) To be the first ever two-time NXT women's champion, 2) Get up to Raw and SmackDown and maybe take out Dana Brooke and Emma. That would be fun. Becky, give me a call!"

Here's the video, with some other highlights underneath:

Her crush:

"I'm kind of nervous to say. I'm not going to say. I'm going to hold it out, hold out on it."

Will she ever go on Raw:


Favorite female wrestler:

"That's easy: Lita. And Ivory and Victoria, but Lita is number one."

Greatest fear:

"Professionally, not succeeding the way I want to succeed, not being able to be on WrestleMania, because that's my number one goal. Also, spiders. I'm so scared of spiders and those cockroaches. If anybody lives in Florida there's those cockroaches that fly. Whenever they're in my apartment I try to catch them and they fly away, I hate those things."

Favorite opponent:

"Sasha Banks, easy."

Biggest struggle in the business:

"All of it, you know? It's a lifestyle. You have to keep up with it. It's a fast paced lifestyle."

Has she considered a ladder match:

"Yes. I would be so scared. I'd prefer tables over ladders but maybe one day we'll see."

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