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Help those effected by the Alberta forest fire, and get a follow from KO & Breezy

Thats right, Kevin Owens calls Tyler Breeze 'Breezy'. Deal with it.

KO & Breezy's GoFundMe

It's pretty easy to get Kevin Owens to block you on Twitter. But who knew it would be so easy to get him to follow you?

Turns out it just takes offering a few bucks to a good cause.

Owens and fellow Canadian Tyler Breeze both were searching for ways to help the residents of Fort McMurray, Alberta and the surrounding communities impacted by a wildfire which has forced 88,000 people to leave their homes since it began spreading on May 1.

Luckily, it seems weather is turning to conditions advantageous to firefighters, and the end of the crisis is in sight. While officials say most of the structures in Fort McMurray were sparred, there are still estimated to be 1600 homes and buildings damaged at a cost of over one billion Canadian dollars.

To provide some assistance, the WWE wrestlers started a GoFundMe page with donations of their own. Proceeds go to the Red Cross' relief efforts. To incentivize fans to join them in their campaign, KO and Breezy (that's what Kev says he calls Tyler) are sending personalized video messages to anyone who donates $100, and will follow anyone who pledges any amount, as long as you provide your handle with your offering.

When the pair set up the page two days ago, their stated goal was $30,000. As of this writing, the campaign has already raised $40,000, so the Prizefighter and Prince Pretty increased their target to $100,000.

The page will stay live through Extreme Rules on May 22, and their promises of follows and videos still stand.

Get in there and help a good cause. You'll get to interact with two great performers, but you probably won't be allowed to call the Duke of Delish "Breezy".

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