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Vince McMahon promises return of major injured Superstars to the biggest roster in WWE history

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During the Tuesday, May 10 WWE investor conference call, Vince McMahon addressed one of the main topics of discussion in the wrestling world over the last several months - wrestler injuries.

The Chairman responded to a question about the rash of Superstars who've headed to the disabled list over the last six months or so by saying that he doesn't believe there's been an increase in injuries - just that the media environment is such that news coverage and fan awareness of those injuries has increased.

While we've definitely seen the speed with which injuries are reported increase thanks to social media, I'm not sure Vince is right when he says there haven't been more injuries. The absences from WrestleMania 32 were definitely more noteworthy, but that may be a function of who was injured more than quantity of injuries.

On that topic, McMahon promised big returns in the short-term. In addition to John Cena's already announced comeback on May 30, Vince said Seth Rollins, Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt will all be back soon.

In addition to the recent signings and call-ups from NXT (13 in total, he said), those returns will give WWE the largest roster of talent the company has ever had over the next 30 days.

That roster growth doesn't seem to be an effort to account for injuries. McMahon touted the concussion protocol, an injury type he feels WWE handles "very well", and said he feels good about the Wellness Policy.

Do you agree with Mr. McMahon that the quantity of injuries is the same as in the past? Are you excited to have a record-setting number of wrestlers on Raw and SmackDown soon?

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