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Advertisement for WWE Honolulu show features John Cena vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, Brock Lesnar vs. Kevin Owens


Card subject to change and all that, but PWTorch and multiple fans in Hawaii are reporting that an advertisement for the upcoming house show in Honolulu on June 29 promised not one, but two, dream match-caliber main events for the Wednesday night show.

The event on the Southern-most state in the U.S.A. was always going to feature some major star power. It's the first time WWE has been to Hawaii since 2009, and as the only stop on the way to their annual shows in Japan, was bringing two of the top acts from NXT - Shinsuke Nakamura and Asuka - for those shows in their home country.

Now, if these reports are true (remember to temper expectations for a house show line-up, or don't get too upset about not being able to see these matches, being as there have been no rumblings of airing the card on WWE Network), those stars and more are being put in some intriguing match-ups.

First up, Nakamura was promoted as squaring off against John Cena. The Face That Runs the Place will have been back for about a month, since he says he's returning to Raw on May 30. Both men are advertised on the event page, but Cena is not listed on the venue's site as of this writing.

Brock Lesnar, who it must be noted doesn't appear on either or the Blaisdell Arena page, was also shown in the advertisement which aired on the May 9 Raw as facing Kevin Owens.

There are also whispers that Asuka could face Charlotte in a showdown which never occurred in NXT due to the timing of the Nature Girl's promotion and the Empress of Tomorrow's arrival.

Can't emphasize enough that until this is confirmed by WWE, it's fun to think about but far from written in stone. But reports are the arena is almost sold out already - not surprising for a market that hasn't had a visit from the company in nearly seven years - so it's unlikely they'd tease something like this if it wasn't on the table.

If these bouts are happening, it's odd they aren't being filmed, but a live special on a Wednesday night is not the norm for WWE. It could be a test run for another Fourth of July weekend show from Tokyo like last year's Beast in the East, but right now, only Shinsuke and Asuka are billed for Kokugikan Sumo Hall.

But maybe that's a good thing, considering that if past booking is a guide, Owens probably gets beaten in five-ten minutes and Cena/Nak ends with a run-in from whoever is being used in the old League of Nations role, resulting in an impromptu tag match.

So get excited/upset, but not too excited/upset, okay?

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