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WWE Payback 2016 results: Charlotte keeps women's title thanks to The Chicago Screwjob

After months and months of Ric Flair assisting his daughter Charlotte, ensuring she keeps the women's championship, an opponent smartened up and decided to bring some back up. That opponent was Natalya, who recruited Bret Hart to play equalizer at tonight's (May 1, 2016) Payback pay-per-view (PPV) at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois.

Neither family member got involved early on. Natalya blitzed Charlotte from the start, repeatedly attempting the Sharpshooter but failing to lock it on. When the champ regained control, they worked a leg injury into the match so Nattie was selling the leg.

She struggled with it throughout the rest of the match, with commentary putting over how she had to grit it out. Charlotte used Natural Selection to get a near fall but the crowd hardly treated it like one. Then she hit a moonsault for another near fall and again it wasn't treated like it.

Still, it felt like the finish was drawing near.

Sure enough, Charlotte locked Natalya in her own finish, the Sharpshooter, not long after. In a surprise, the referee, Charles Robinson, called for the bell. He then ran out, grabbed the title, threw it into the ring, and ran out of there.

The Chicago Screwjob.

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