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WWE Payback 2016 results: Dolph Ziggler defeats Baron Corbin

One of the newest additions to the main roster allowed his inexperience to be his downfall.

Sunday's match between Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler got moved to the Kickoff Show just a few hours before Payback began, but that didn't appear to bother either man much. They made the most of their time and had a solid big man vs. little man match. In the end, Corbin's cockiness proved to be his undoing, as Ziggler handed him his first singles loss since being called up from NXT.

Corbin took control early in the match, beating down Ziggler with aplomb. Ziggler attemted a fiery comeback, but that ended with him getting snatched out of the air and dropped neck-first across the top rope. Ziggler made another comeback a few minutes later and sank in a sleeper hold that took Corbin to a knee, but Corbin escaped.

Ziggler managed to hit a famouser, but it only got a two count. Corbin took control on the outside and tossed Ziggler into the ringpost. Ziggler looked done for, but Corbin decided to gloat and pose, allowing Ziggler time to recover just long enough to roll Corbin up for the pinfall.

This feud started the day after WrestleMania, as Corbin made his RAW debut in a singles match against Ziggler that resulted in a double count out. After the match, Corbin planted Ziggler with an End of Days outside the ring and the bad blood between the two men escalated from there.

At Payback, Corbin put an exclamation point on his first month on the WWE main roster. For now, at least, he has had the last word.

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