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WWE Payback 2016 full match preview: Charlotte vs. Natalya

The (Neid)Harts and Flairs will be going at it once again on Sunday's pay-per-view.

The match

When WWE presents their Payback pay-per-view on Sunday, the only women's match on the card will be the Women's Championship Match between reigning champion Charlotte and challenger Natalya. Charlotte will have her father, Ric Flair, in her corner, while Natalya's uncle, Bret Hart, will be in hers.

These two women last met up in a Divas Championship Match at the Roadblock WWE Network Special in March.

The players

Charlotte: The reigning, defending champion and current co-dirtiest player in the game. Counting both the Women's Championship and the now-defunct Divas Championship, Charlotte has held the women's title for over 200 days.

Natalya: The daughter of Jim Neidhart and niece of Bret Hart, Natalya has been the workhorse of the women's division since she made her WWE debut in 2008. She hasn't held a title in the women's division since 2010.

Ric Flair: The father of Charlotte and the first two-time WWE Hall of Famer. He is known for both styling and profiling. (To say nothing of kiss-stealing, wheeling and/or dealing.)

Bret Hart: The most famous member of the Hart Family dynasty, a Hall of Famer and a seven-time world champion. Interestingly, he won his first WWF Championship by defeating none other than Ric Flair.

The story

These two women already have quite the history together, beyond their respective lineages. One of the first times they met up (and the most notable match between the two to date) was one of the most famous women's matches in NXT history, when they met in the tournament finals for the vacant NXT Women's Championship back in 2014. That match was nearly identical to this one, in that Flair was in Charlotte's corner and Hart was in Natalya's.

In 2014, however, both of those women were beloved fan favorites and the match was all about respect, honor and glory. This match will also be about respect, but in a much different context.

Hated heel Charlotte retained her title (slash won the new Women's Championship) at WrestleMania 32 and disrespected the entirety of the women's division the next day during her coronation ceremony. Natalya took exception to Charlotte's attitude, especially considering Charlotte would never have held onto her title this long nor won at WrestleMania if it hadn't been for the incessant meddling of Ric Flair, the dirtiest player in the game.

Now Natalya is looking to teach Charlotte a lesson and is bringing along her uncle Bret for added backup on the outside. Can she manage to put Charlotte in her place and capture the title at the same time? We'll find out on Sunday.

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