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Hulk Hogan the latest legend to call for Roman Reigns to be a bad guy

We're going to have to start keeping a running list as more and more WWE legends make their feelings known but Hulk Hogan is the latest to express a belief that current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns should turn heel.

From his interview with

"If I was Roman Reigns, I would just listen to what the people want. If they want to boo me, then it's like Razor Ramon would say-‘I'll be the ‘Bad Guy' for you.' Roman Reigns should be as evil as he wants. If they're booing him, then that's what they want to see."

The company may have made a decision to allow Reigns to work the middle, playing a good guy to his fans and a bad guy to those who wish to boo him, so we're getting closer to a heel turn.

But will he ever go the full nine? The better question may be whether or not Vince McMahon ever wants him to.

We'll let you decide, Cagesiders.

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