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New Day declare they're the best trio in Japan... you hear that Young Bucks?

WWE Tag Team kings the New Day were just trying to celebrate their man Kofi Kingston's victory in the WrestleMania Axxess 2K Tournament of Champions when they were interrupted by YouTuber Delzinski.

The "Vintage Shizzle" host attempted to do the nearly impossible task of getting an interview out of the Positivity Posse when they realized he was wearing a Bullet Club shirt. After making him cover it with Big E's wash cloth, he asks what their beef with the current New Japan NEVER Openweight Six-Man champs is.

Xavier Woods tells him to "search the internets" (we could have told him about it hereherehere and here), and E declares the New Day not only the best tag team in history, but the best trio. Delzinski's eyes get big, so the former Intercontinental champion gets specific:

Talking bout some Young Bucks, yeah, yeah, we might as well spell it out.

Best trio anywhere. Including... Japan. I SAID IT. I SAID, YEAH. Including Japan.


The group forces Delzinski out of his own interview, like they do, so Kofi can talk about his tournament win. When the interviewer offers to change his shirt, they won't let him, because he's a turncoat and there's no room on their long, hard, strong train for one of those.

Just watch it, so I can stop trying to explain it. Please.

And await the Elite's response.

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