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Undertaker removed from several European tour dates

With retirement rumors again going around following his WrestleMania 32 victory over Shane McMahon, Undertaker's WWE schedule is going to be under heightened scrutiny.

So when eagle-eyed industry observers notice he's not listed for several days on the company's upcoming tour of Europe that he'd been advertised for when those shows were announced, well, it's gonna be news.

The Dead Man was featured in promotions for April 19 - 23, with a match on the house show set to take place in Newscastle, England on the 20th. He's still listed for the SmackDown taping on the 19th in London, and the following night (although Braun Strowman will replace Luke Harper in planned tag match with Big Show against the Wyatts), but that's it.

He's no longer promoted for the weekend shows in Brussels, Paris and Málaga. Those were never advertised as anything other than "appearance by", however, so it's unclear how big a change this is.

And what, if anything, it means about his wrestling future.

Until some kind of definitive announcement - which given Taker's typical silence and how much interest speculation about his future drums up for WWE and especially Mania, is unlikely - we'll keep guessing, and grasping at straws.

What's your guess, Cagesiders?

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