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Chris Jericho gives both his WrestleMania & Raw matches five stars, is not telling you jack offs when he's leaving WWE

Fresh off of declaring he would bury the entire WWE roster (and then losing cleanly to AJ Styles, because Chris Jericho is the man), the Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla broke down his WrestleMania and Smark-A-Mania performances on his podcast, Talk is Jericho, this week.

I'll let you decide for yourself if Y2J's appraisal of his performances is his legitimate evaluation, designed to rile up his critics or both, but  he's giving high praise to a Sunday match I've seen receive mixed reviews and a Monday one pretty much everyone agrees was great - but maybe not as great as Jericho is grading it...

I had a great time working with AJ Styles all four of our matches and the last one at WrestleMania was exactly what we wanted. And especially after the amazing spectacle of the seven-man Intercontinental [championship] ladder match. Our mission was to bring it down a bit and then build it back up with wrestling. And we did that. It was one of the best matches on the show. I don't mind saying that. I think our match, the seven-man ladder match, and I think the women's match were the three highlights of that show.

The main event match with me, and [Kevin] Owens, AJ, and the returning Cesaro is another one of my favorites. Two five-star matches in a row, whatever you want to call them, two great matches in a row. And four-ways are not easy to do, but we put it together and banged it out.

In critiquing the always controversial night-after-Mania Raw crowd, he uses their response as evidence that the #1 contender fourway was a classic:

The night after WrestleMania, all the jack offs seem to show up and like to chant their own things and they were doing it to an extent, but they weren't doing it to us. And they shouldn't [have]. It was a great match. Instead of chanting, 'we are awesome' and 'beach ball party' or whatever, they were chanting, 'this is wrestling', 'this is awesome', and all of that sort of thing. And they were right. They got a great show. And they want to boo the good guys and cheer for the bad guys and that's fine.

Jericho also put over the tag match with those same men on SmackDown, although the podcast - with guests Michael P.S. Hayes and Jimmy Garvin - was recorded before that show aired. He did have a last thought for the "jack offs" speculating about how long his current run in the ring will last:

For all you jack offs that think you can predict what my future is, I'm not going anywhere. Am I going to be here next week? Yeah. Am I going to be here one more month? I'm not going to tell you. You're just going to have to wait and see.

Agree with his match rankings? Think they're for real or part of the act? How much more Jericho can you take, wrestling fans?

Let us know.

H/T: Wrestling Inc for transcription

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