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Brie Bella retirement reportedly to play out on Total Divas rather than Raw

Women of WWE Source on tumblr

Good news for fans of Total Divas, I guess, as PWInsider is reporting it has a big storyline set up for next season - and it's one many thought would get more play at WrestleMania or the fallout Raw show over the last couple of days.

This is also good news for Brie Bella fans, as it's confirmation that her relationship with WWE soldiers on past the end of her in-ring career. That's because Mike Johnson's report points to Brie's retirement as an active wrestler being a major storyline for future Total Divas episodes.

The extent of the former Divas champion's exit on wrestling-centric shows will apparently be a tag team win via her YES Lock submission of Naomi and a hug from twin sister Nikki on the WrestleMania Kickoff. It's not expected to be addressed again on Raw and SmackDown.

It will be covered in detail, likely with some suspenseful production and dramatic twists, on E! later this year, along with Nikki's rehabilitation from spinal fusion surgery.

Is that the right call? Did she deserve a bigger in-ring send-off? Could WWE have used Brie transitioning to a new role more prominently in the branding move from Divas to Women?

Let us know what you think.

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