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Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson didn't debut on Raw, but they did get to hang with Scott Hall backstage

Scott Hall on Twitter

The teases for the arrival of Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows - the most famous tag team from New Japan's Bullet Club stable - began moments after the rumors hit that they'd be leaving that promotion for WWE along with new #1 contender to the WWE title AJ Styles and NXT sensation Shinsuke Nakamura.

For a variety of reasons, the duo known as Gallows and Gun were always scheduled to debut last, with most reports pegging them for debuts around WrestleMania. That show was Sunday, and the rumor mill really spun up to say they'd certainly be the big surprise for the always raucous Raw after Mania.

But they weren't.

Some day, we'll get the story behind all the Tweets and Instagram pics and merchandise heralding (or swerved us away from) the eventual arrival of Anderson & Gallows. For now, we keep waiting.

But it's close, and we know because the Bad Guy himself Tweeted a photo taken backstage at the American Airlines Center with his son Cody's old stable mates (Cody Hall works for New Japan and is in the current iteration of the Bullet Club)...

Maybe their big reveal has been on hold while they get their matching beard game on point? If so, it's gotta be happening on soon.

Also awesome to see a healthy Hall shouting out his son from across the Pacific, considering how tumultuous the former Razor Ramon's addictions made their relationship.

When are these guys gonna show up? Will it be with Finn Bálor, or will they be coming to the side of a different Bullet Club leader currently employed by WWE? Or maybe they're a standalone act in what looks like a restocking of the tag division on the main roster?

Thoughts, Cagesiders?

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