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A GIF of the most important spot in the history of women's wrestling (so far)

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The Triple Threat for the new WWE Women's title at WrestleMania 32 was wonderful.

It may not have been the greatest match, although it was undeniably pretty darn good, and it had a divisive finish, but it was made to feel important by the company, and Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch rose to the occassion.

When we look back on history, hopefully from a place where Raw has as many stories and matches featuring women as men and the ladies main event pay-per-view (PPV)s with regularity, Sasha's match with Bayley from NXT's TakeOver: Brooklyn show will be discussed as the bout that convinced the last of the hardcore fans who doubted what women can do, and their rematch from TakeOver: Respect will be seen as the thing which made Vince McMahon and team listen to what his daughter and son-in-law were saying about marketing these wrestlers.

But the main roster is different. And WrestleMania is, well, WrestleMania.

So the way these three performers kept the audience in AT&T Stadium and watching at home on WWE Network enthralled was crucial. These are the fans who WWE taught to take bathroom breaks when females entered the ring. A crowd made up of some of the same fans who last Monday-after-Mania in San Jose chanted things about AJ and Nikki Bella's sexual habits with their partners during their Raw match.

And I think, if there's one moment from their match where even the most on-the-fence observer, or died-in-the-wool "women can't wrestle as good as men" fan had to stop and pay attention, it was when the Divas-now-Women's champ climbed to the top turnbuckle and executed a beautiful moonsault onto her rivals below:

Now, I may be more partial to another spot, and others who have followed the Four Horsewomen (and Natalya, and Paige, and Emma, and AJ, and the Bellas, and...) on their journey may have their favorites.

But Charlotte's leap is what made us all say "whoa".

If WWE follows through on this remarkable turnaround on gender equity for their product, spots like that should be something we get used.

But last night, in the midst of the "Revolution's" biggest battle, it turned the tide.

And for that, I offer the Nature Girl, the Lasskicker and the Boss a hearty WOOOOOOO!

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