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WWE's new women's wrestling push on full display in Charlotte's Today Show appearance

Last year, the Divas title wasn't even defended at WrestleMania 31. So it didn't seem strange that the champion of that division didn't fly from Santa Clara to New York with Seth Rollins for an appearance on The Today Show.

Given how WWE had treated it's female characters for the past several years (and how wrestling has portrayed women throughout its existence), none of us where surprised by either omission.

It's hard to get your head around what giant steps the company has taken in the past year on this front. The transition has not been smooth and it's far from over, but amidst a critically-panned show in Arlington, Texas on April 3, WWE did away with the term "Diva"debuted a new title with a name and look reminiscent of the one men carry and gave three young ladies a million dollar spotlight and fifteen minutes to go out and steal the show - and they did.

That continues with this year's cross country Today jaunt, where Charlotte accompanied Roman Reigns and was as much the focus of the conversation with hosts Willie Geist and Tamron Hall as the men's titleholder.

Highlights show focus on the women, including the Nature Girl's moonsault to the floor. Reigns talks up the women and engages in some friendly competition about "show stealing".

It's remarkable.

There are nits to be picked and a long way to go, but Charlotte and WWE are kicking off the Women's championship era in style.

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