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Roman Reigns calls out John Cena on Today Show

In what's become a WrestleMania tradition, the WWE World Heavyweight champion - and, in the latest sign of the company's positive trend toward gender equality, the WWE Women's champ, as well - flew from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to New York in the middle of the night to make an appearance on NBC's The Today Show.

We'll have full video in a bit, which is great, because it really focuses on Charlotte and the company's obvious push of women's wrestling, but here's a snippet from Roman Reigns. And honestly, the Big Dog is really great here as well:

If you have a title, you have to defend it.

Anybody and everybody. Like we said earlier, WrestleMania is full of superstars, A-listers, we had The Rock, we had John Cena there... if they want some, hey John Cena, the champ is here.

When hosts Willie Geist and Tamron Hall point out that Cena is an honorary co-host of Today, making this his house, Romey doesn't blink:

Not if I'm in it. I'm in your living room, I'm about to go in your fridge and eat your food. So you tell me what to do. Tell me what to do.

He laughes before and after his taunts, which may infuriate some of his critics who want the silent badass. But it's a sign he's settling into the kind of "heel for some, babyface for others" role WWE clearly has in mind for him.

Meaning, he's the replacement for John Cena. And what better way to make that clear than by putting him in a feud with John Cena.

Like what you see here, or what might be the plan for Reigns' next big feud?

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