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Triple H explains why Roman Reigns is not a good guy, not a bad guy, but still the guy

After what felt like years of WWE attempting to push Roman Reigns on fans as a babyface they should love, he found an edge while regurgitating a line that has become tired but worked well when he first said it: "I'm not a good guy, I'm not a bad guy, I'm THE guy."

It seemed the powers that be had finally embraced the reality that a large portion of those attending events and watching at home are simply never going to like the man they've chosen to be the next flag bearer for the company. During an interview with The Mirror, Triple H confirmed as much while explaining how this has all come to be:

"I think the world is a different place now. I think you're going to find it very hard now, at the top level, to find anybody that is either a good guy or a bad guy. Someone who is universally loved or universally disliked. It's very difficult. I think part of that is the internet, in that I don't care what the topic is, whether it's politics, music, sports, anything, you can go on the internet and find somebody who loves it and somebody who hates it. You can jump on whatever conversation you want to have with people who are like-minded to what you think, or opposite-minded to what you think. And that emboldens your position right? So I think the time of 'hey, this is the guy and he's the good guy' and everybody goes 'yay he's the good guy' - I think that time has gone. And I think the time of saying 'this is the bad guy and he's the evil one and everybody is going to hate that person' is really gone too. Because there is just that level of, no matter if you're the bad guy doing the worst possible thing you can do, there is somebody that goes: 'I like that, that's cool, I like the fact he's that evil, that's cool'. There are people on the other side who want a hero saying 'hey, don't quit, never surrender and I'm the underdog...' all those things. I make that sound horrible - can you tell which way I slant? Ha ha.

"I just think that either one or the other time is gone and you're going to rub against that now. I think the real position in the business, and what we do now, is about just being true. Being real, being you and whatever that is, being true to the character that you create. And if you're true to it and believe it and feel it, then people will buy it, either positively or negatively, they will get behind you one way or the other. As long as you're true to that character and who that person is. If you sway from that character and wobble and vary, then there is no buy-in, because they see it's just a front."

That last paragraph is fascinating if only because it took this long for Reigns to be presented this way. It was hard to buy in because it did always feel like a front but you could argue the main event program with Styles, simultaneous with this new direction for Roman, is some of the best stuff he's ever done.

So while it may be frustrating at times that we can't all agree on the top guy in WWE, at least they've figured that out and he's far more entertaining for it.

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