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WWE Payback 2016: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady vs. the Vaudevillains full match preview

BootyOs Tag Tournament Final

We started with eight teams. Now we're down to just two. And they just so happen to both be recent call-ups from NXT.

The Road to Payback

We knew it. The tag team champions knew it. WWE knew it.

New Day had cleared out the division. And unless they were going to try and convince us League of Nations deserved a shot after their upset win at WrestleMania (which was really just the set-up to Stone Cold Steve Austin's familiar punchline), even Vince McMahon couldn't sell us on rematches between Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston & Big E and the Usos or the Dudleyz.

With the long-awaited call up of Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady, and the unexpected promotion of Aiden English & Simon Gotch, we were saved from worries they'd try to push the Ascension as monster heels, or ask us to take R-Truth and Goldust (who have yet to actually tag together, but that's a whole nother story) seriously. Once we saw the bracket, it was pretty clear where things were going...

The Vaudevillains win over Jimmy & Jey isn't impressive as it might seem. The twins were selling injuries incurred at the hands of Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows. Enzo & Cass' second round win, on the other hand, was pretty remarkable - not that they beat Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley, but that it was kind of easy.

This isn't the first time these teams have met, having co-existed in NXT for quite some time. English and Cassady actually feuded as singles wrestlers while Enzo was healing up from a leg injury and before Gotch debuted. They tussled as teams last Summer en route to the 'Villains title win in Brooklyn - one of many frustrating near-misses for the Realest Guys.

Now they're re-kindle that rivalry on a bigger stage, and with the third-longest reigning WWE tag champs (and longest since the end of the brand split in 2009) waiting in the wings.

What's at stake?

A title shot just weeks after debuting on Raw and SmackDown.

Beyond that, probably less for Enzo & Cass than the throwback squad. With Amore's gift of gab and the seven-footer being, well, seven feet tall, the New York/New Jersey duo are already over with fans and management alike. Many observers are predicting a continuation of their feud with the Dudleyz - possibly as a result of interference from that legendary duo in retaliation for being dispatched from the tourney.

The Vaudevillains have a quirky gimmick that hasn't clicked with the mainstream audience yet, and their only chance for success is an extended feud with the champs to demonstrate the potential of artisanal heels.

Who will win? Will they get a box of BootyOs with a title shot prize inside? Find out right here on Cageside Seats Sunday night!

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