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WrestleMania 32 results: Roman Reigns wins the WWE world heavyweight title from Triple H

It didn't start until after 11 p.m. ET but WWE finally got around to presenting the main event of WrestleMania 32 tonight (Sun., April 3, 2016) from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas: Triple H defending the WWE world heavyweight championship against Roman Reigns.

They had Stephanie McMahon do an amazing entrance with an even more amazing pre-match promo. Perhaps they hoped it would help garner some cheers for Reigns.

It did not.

He was HEAVILY booed.

They had a long back-and-forth match. The crowd was seemingly out of gas for most of it, though it certainly sounded as though the mics were turned down so the boos weren't as audible. It made for a strange sound, at least on television. Either way, they were presented as equals in an epic battle for the top prize in the game.

Late in the match it looked like Reigns had Triple H beat but Stephanie pulled the referee out of the ring. This led to her getting in and a spot where she was speared by Roman after Triple H and the ref moved out of the way. Immediately after, "The Game" hit a Pedigree that got two-and-a-half.

It took a few more finishers -- like, three or four or five -- but Reigns finally scored the pinfall that gave him the WWE world heavyweight title in the main event of WrestleMania.

Happy? Upset?

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