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John Cena is ready to 'throw on the old Superman outfit'

Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The folks at Ring Rust Radio caught up with John Cena for an interview before it was officially announced that he would be making his return to WWE television on the May 30 episode of Monday Night Raw. When asked for an update on his status and how he's feeling in his recovery from his shoulder issue, he gave a response sure to rile up a few fans.

"I'm feeling pretty damn good, man. I'm like a relief pitcher in the bullpen just waiting for that phone call. I'm ready to go, and I'm just waiting for the manager to ring the phone and I'll answer it. I'll go throw on the old Superman outfit and show up where they need me to and do what they need me to do. As far as my condition, that's where I'm at."

Self aware John Cena is the best John Cena, bad jokes (that at least get a smile) and all.

See you soon, Superchamp.

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