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Titus O'Neil returns ... in a dark match

Just last week, Titus O'Neil made his return to WWE television in a bizarre anti-smoking PSA alongside Natalya that aired during Monday Night Raw. He did another with Dolph Ziggler this week, and the assumption was he would be back in action at any time now that his 60 day suspension for grabbing Vince McMahon following Daniel Bryan's retirement speech is officially up.

Sure enough, he was in action at the SmackDown/Main Event tapings tonight in Manchester, New Hampshire.

In a dark match.

Indeed, O'Neil worked a match against Tyler Breeze before the cameras were rolling. He won, not that it matters considering you'll never see it, but this can act as step one in his promise to take a lemon and make lemonade. That's assuming WWE has any plans to put him back on television anytime soon, which is no sure thing.

At least he's back wrestling, though, right?

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