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Samoa Joe doesn't know what Vince McMahon thinks of him

It's clear the decision makers at WWE see value in Samoa Joe, considering he just defeated Finn Balor for the NXT championship at a house show in Lowell that will be featured on tomorrow night's (April 27, 2016) episode of NXT TV. How much value is up for debate.

That's why it's interesting to hear his answer when asked what WWE boss Vince McMahon thinks of him. From his interview on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast (transcription via Wrestling Inc):

"Vince is the ultimate poker player and you'll never know [what he thinks of your character]. Oh no, it was 'very nice to meet you' and then it's like this coy smile where he's like, 'very nice to meet you', but on the other side it's like, 'pfft, you ain't s--t'. I couldn't tell, man. I've been at the table with some really great poker players. I'm sure Vince McMahon is a hell of a poker player."

The clearest indicator that Vince has a high opinion of Joe would be if he brought him up to the main roster and pushed him in any meaningful way. It will also speak volumes if Joe stays down in NXT.

Considering his talent, let's hope, as fans, for the former.

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