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Xavier Woods uses his PhD to shut down Twitter user who calls pro wrestling 'fake'

Every wrestler, and wrestling fan, has been informed by someone who thinks pro graps is beneath them that it's "fake".

Usually, the performers themselves will respond with stories of injuries or invitations to get in the ring so they can show the smart guy/gal how "fake" a stiff shot or bump is.

But not WWE tag champ Xavier Woods. He's still working towards his PhD, but he's got more than enough education and smarts to lay the intellectual smackdown on somebody from the "you know it's fake, right?" camp.

Which is exactly what he did last week on Twitter:

No need to apologize. Simply understand that wrestling is one of the last forms of Shakespeare in the round. The crowd is watching men and women tell stories through physicality with an audience in a 360 degree setting. Artist use paint to create art on a canvas, and we use our fists and feet to create art on a canvas. It's art. We get one take, not 40, in front of a live audience that appreciates us putting our bodies on the line for their entertainment. It's fine if you don't like it but there is no need to disrespect us or the people who watch it by calling it "fake". Wrestling fans are the greatest fans in the world because they understand this notion. So unless someone has figured out how to defy gravity (besides Neville) then falling down will forever be painful and the pain we feel is very real. We suffer from real injuries doing what we love to do so please leave it to the professionals. Please don't try this at home ;)

That's too good for a mic drop. That needs to be punctuated like this:

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