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Becky Lynch does what she wants, except appear on WWE Raw

The Women's Wrestling movement has hit a bit of a snag, at least on WWE's main roster.

After making a big splash at WrestleMania 32 with the reveal of the Women's championship and a really good Triple Threat match, it looked like we were primed for a more robust scene featuring multiple storylines and feuds. And while there are still glimpses of the vision, the proof is in the pudding, as they say, and last night (April 25) on Raw, the ladies got one match which ran about three minutes to set up Sunday's title bout.

In the process, the #1 contender, Natalya, defeated Emma, who is still being featured in one of the potential not-title programs. Although it's the darnedest build I've ever seen. Her rivalry with Becky Lynch went on the back-burner when, for whatever reason (the most prominent rumor has to do with some Visa issues for the Australian Superstar), Emma didn't travel to Europe for the two week tour of the United Kingdom and the Continent.

Even then, however, commentary mentioned their issues, as a way to keep it in mind. Last night, while Emma was enhancing Natty for her shot at Charlotte at Payback, Lynch didn't make it onto the broadcast. But they did release a Fallout interview with the Irishwoman.

Where she eats a salad. With chopsticks. And uses the names of the company's flagship programs to compliment her meal.

At the end, she does say that she's good at suplexing people and Emma is gonna find that out soon. But it's a long strange trip to get to that boast.

Kind of like her angle with Emma's been since Mania. The question is, when, or if, will the weird build lead to the match? Given that it's one that will almost certainly tear the house down if given a little time, hopefully the answer is soon.

The Women's Wrestling movement could use some more wrestling.

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