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NOT ON THE TABLE! Paige and Chris Jericho feud on Twitter about their elevated submissions

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Last night's Raw saw the return of one of the most devastating move variations in all of sports and entertainment.

Yes, I'm talking about submission moves performed on the announce table.

Chris Jericho broke out the Walls (and a little Canadian plumber butt) on Dean Ambrose from that dreaded, elevated, no-give locale in front of JBL, Michael Cole & Byron Saxton...

Gif via temomi on tumblr

While we haven't received official word from WWE yet, and I'm sure they took him to a local medical facility just to be safe - I think Ambrose is okay.

Knowing that, we can focus on the Twitter beef which started after Y2J and Dean's go home segment, wherein the last wrestler to do a submission on the table in WWE accused Jericho of gimmick infringement:

A claim the first Undisputed champ shot down real fast with a little history lesson / plug for WWE Network:

In Paige's defense, she was probably eight when that happened, which I think means Sweet Saraya's baby girl had only been wrestling for five years (not counting the matches she took part in from the womb as an unannounced tag partner).

Whoever did it first, or better, it's clear WWE has trained their officials to be on the lookout for the dreaded announce table submission. As you can see from Paige's PTO to Charlotte from last year, the referees take breaking up maneuvers executed on that pressboard desk very seriously...

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