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WWE releases new shirts for Sami Zayn, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe

And Shinsuke Nakamura gets his first Rob Schamberger tee, too!

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There's a brand-new merchandise drop over on the WWE Shop today, with four pretty righteous new shirts. First up, Sami Zayn gets his third shirt and his first new design since moving to the main roster full-time. It keeps the already-iconic drawing of the skanking superstar and pairs it with the shout-along portion of his theme song for an awesome, simple design.

sami shirt

And guess what? No stuff on the back! Click here to buy the new Sami shirt.

Next up is the second AJ Styles shirt (because we can all agree that the Y2AJ shirts never actually existed and were just a bad fever dream). It's in the style of the vintage "fight" shirts that are so popular nowadays and is another nice, clean design, if perhaps a bit TOO simple.

aj shirt

Click here to pick up the new AJ shirt.

And finally, we get a second shirt for the brand-new NXT Champion, Samoa Joe! He now has two of the coolest and simplest shirts on the roster, as well as two of the most understated.

joe shirt

It's a variation on a theme, sure, but these are three shirts you can feel free to wear around town without fear of anyone calling you a nerd. Not that you're worried about that, anyway. Pick up the Samoa Joe shirt by clicking here.

If all that weren't enough, there's also a new Shinsuke Nakamura shirt, featuring some always-cool Rob Schamberger artwork.

schamberger nakamura

You can cop that bad boy right here. Here's looking forward to the next half-dozen Nakamura shirts in the coming year.

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