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Alberto Del Rio says League of Nations is no more

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Brace yourself, Cagesiders. King Barrett was just the beginning. It's time to say goodbye to League of Nations.

That according to an interview Alberto Del Rio gave to Solo Wrestlingtranslated by WrestleZone, where the former WWE and World Heavyweight champ said:

Actually we will not do anything else with The Wyatt Family because there are so many injuries within the company. We as a group have never worked very well, so we decided that it is better to separate.

The real heartbreak here, if the translation is correct, is that this was all a lie.

And that the group has a WrestleMania win over the tag champs. But mostly the picture thing.

Somebody better tell Sheamus, who's out here making fun of UFC featherweight champ Conor McGregor, probably assuming the Lads will have his back.

In other news from the Solo Wrestling interview, Del Rio says that he has two or three years left on his WWE deal, after which he'll head home to rest.

Will you miss him, or the League, Cagesiders?