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John Cena says he's returning to Raw on May 30

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Provided this isn't a Conor McGregor-esque run-around, John Cena's Tweet from a few minutes ago seems pretty clear cut:

Of course, Cena saying he was medically cleared right before he ran in for a couple of spots at WrestleMania seemed pretty clear cut, too. That lead to some mixed reports and no sign of the Face That Runs the Place since AT&T Stadium.

Cena's American Grit reality competition show is competing against SmackDown on Thursday nights, but ratings for the show started disappointing and dropped in their second week (down to 2.26 million viewers on April 21). Ten episodes of the show were made, but Fox has only scheduled out five of them for Thursday nights as of this writing (through May 12), so there may not be a conflict at all by the time Cena returns on Monday, May 30. There was some speculation among fans that his return was being held back by WWE - possibly because of the show, or possibly to allow other talent to establish themselves post-Mania in his absence.

Despite the dates in his Tweet, Cena's return timetable will be roughly similar to that of Cesaro, who has a similar surgery in November and returned in early April.

Excited to see 'the Champ' be here?

UPDATE: WWE has followed up the Tweet with confirmation.

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