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Conor McGregor says he's back on for UFC 200, so the pro wrestling sharks can swim away now

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

When Conor McGregor abruptly announced his retirement on Twitter a week ago, the pro wrestling sharks immediately started circling. He was offered a job within minutes of sending out the tweet, even if there was never really much behind it other than the hope that he would ever consider such a thing if he really was done with mixed martial arts.

As it turned out, he wasn't really done with MMA, he was just using the tweet as a negotiating tactic in a behind-the-scenes tug of war with the UFC over promotion for his main event fight against Nate Diaz scheduled for UFC 200 on July 9 in Las Vegas.

And while WWE got in on the fun and the likes of Becky Lynch openly tried to recruit McGregor to jump ship, it was clearly never going to happen. Sure enough, he announced just a short time ago that he's already settled his issue with UFC and his planned bout is back on:

Time to swim away, pro wrestling sharks.

For now.

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