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What excuse will WWE use to put Shane McMahon in charge of Raw this week?

WWE has yet to officially announce if Shane McMahon will be running Monday Night Raw again this week but we can be reasonably certain that will be the case. The official preview for the show on the company website makes mention of it while kinda sorta teasing The Authority could show up to cause some problems for him, so this whole thing could be coming to a head here soon.

That doesn't make it any less ridiculous that he was ever put in charge to begin with after losing a match to Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 where the stipulation was he would run the show only if he won and go kick rocks if he didn't.

The excuses for putting him in charge have ranged from "Vince McMahon wants to do it because, well, he's Vince McMahon and we're not really sure" to "social media wants it" to "why do we still have to explain this will you just piss off already." So, assuming he's still in charge, what's the excuse going to be this week?

We've got a few ideas you can vote on.

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