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Viktor was just an 'honorary member' of the Social Outcasts, it seems

WWE just wrapped up its annual springtime tour of Europe and during said tour, Viktor of The Ascension found himself donning a Social Outcasts shirt while running around with Curtis Axel during his series of matches against Goldust. This led to obvious speculation that perhaps he had joined the group.

His words after the tour came to a close:

Axel's response seemed to clear up his status:

It's possible, of course, that it was a trial run. It's more likely it was a situation created by circumstance, considering Heath Slater and Bo Dallas were working with the other crew during the tour and both Adam Rose (the other Social Outcast) and Konnor (the other member of The Ascension) were both suspended for 60 days last week.

We could find out as soon as tomorrow night's episode of Raw in Hartford. Stay tuned!

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