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Linda McMahon: Never say never but WWE's PG audience is 'pretty much where it is'

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Although Linda McMahon doesn't have as much to do with WWE as times past, she's still married to Vince and therefore she still gets questions from media on matters relating to the company. That includes the folks at 105.3 The Fan (via CBS DFW) asking if WWE is ever going to go away from the PG rating for its television programming.

Her answer makes it sound like it's unlikely:

"You can't ever say... you can never say never, but I think the PG audience is really pretty much where it is. WWE still has a little bit of leeway. You can entertain your fans and really have a good show and a good time and stay within that environment. I think we push it a little bit sometimes, but we pretty much stay within that environment."

John Cena may be missing blood in matches, and older fans may want an edgier product, but would pro wrestling really be that much better off going that route? Maybe, but there are still aren't enough reasons for WWE to even attempt as much.

For now, we'll just have to settle for top performers occasionally using "bitch" as an insult.

Good with it?

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