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Summer Rae is sick of Sasha Banks

Above is a fallout video from this week's episode of SmackDown showcasing a pretty damn good promo from Summer Rae on Sasha Banks getting so much promotional love from WWE:

"I love coming to Europe. The fans in London are amazing and then the fans all over Europe, they're so excited to see us. We actually do a lot of things outside of TVs. We go to different soccer games, football games, whatever it's called. Actually, I think Sasha Banks went to one of 'em. Then there's the Lamborghini Factory Sasha went to too. I'm sorry, I just get so sick and tired of the same people having the same opportunities. Like, why does Sasha get to do everything? It's always her face everywhere. I mean, I used to get 'we want Summer' chants. As quik as they come, they go. She believes her own hype. She had one good match, at WrestleMania. It was a good match -- she blew it, though. She didn't walk out of there with the women's championship, did she? No! She's also not in the title picture at all. So as far as I'm concerned, Sasha Banks and I are on the same playing field. When I step in the ring with her, I'm going to show her that. I'm sick of this."

While they haven't been given much television time just yet, this makes for three honest-to-goodness feuds in the women's division right now in Charlotte vs. Natalya, Becky Lynch vs. Emma, and now Summer vs. Sasha.

Fun times!

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