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WWE gets in on the Conor McGregor retirement speculation

When Conor McGregor abruptly announced through his Twitter that he's retiring from mixed martial arts, it sent a shockwave through the UFC and, in turn, WWE. Whether or not that's valid is up for debate, considering there has been no prior connection between Conor and pro wrestling outside of a couple follows on social media during WrestleMania season.

That doesn't mean there isn't sweet web traffic to be had, and WWE itself is getting in on it by posing the question on some fan's minds after McGregor revealed he's done (maybe) with UFC, using Becky Lynch recruiting him. It helps that Conor's coach was posting stuff like this on Instagram:

There's almost certainly nothing to all this talk of McGregor, one of the UFC's biggest stars, actually coming to WWE but that isn't going to stop anyone from continuing on with it.

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