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Sasha Banks vows to never be on 'Total Divas'

I knew The Boss and I were simpatico.

In an interview with Busted Open Radio posted earlier this week (you can watch it yourself above), Sasha Banks explains that there will always be WWE Divas, and for fans of the E! Network's growing family of 'reality' shows based around that designation, enjoy. But you will not catch her on there, because she's a wrestler:

There's always gonna be, so to say, Divas. And I'm in a category of wrestlers... It's not for me.

I won't ever be on that show. Saying it out there for a fact.

But it's fine. People like it. People watch it. So let them enjoy it.

What's funny is that, character-wise, Banks is the woman who most closely resembles the dictionary definition of "diva" (at least when she's not inexplicably deciding she doesn't need to chase the title and tag team with rivals like Natalya & Becky Lynch in the meantime). And categorizing herself as a "wrestler" who seems to think she's above being on Total Divas fits right into that.

It's also why a lot of fans (including this writer) adore her. And defining herself as an in-ring performer first and foremost isn't going to alienate any of those fans.

So, Total Divas fans - watch your show. Just don't expect to see The Boss showing up on E!

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