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WrestleMania 32 preview: 10-Diva tag team match

The Divas are getting not one, but TWO matches at WrestleMania. The first of those matches will be a five-on-five tag team melee.

The match

On Sunday, 10 WWE Divas will collide in tag team action at WrestleMania 32 in Arlington, Tex. One team is captained by Lana, who appears to have taken exception to Brie Bella and her Total Divas ways. In response, Brie has rounded up her own team, somewhat conspicuously comprised of cast members from her reality show, Total Divas.

The players

Lana: The Ravishing Russian. The manager of Rusev notable for not having managed Rusev on television in months.

Naomi: Former and jilted Total Divas cast member. One half of Team B.A.D. Has amazing, light-up shoes.

Tamina: One half of Team B.A.D. Daughter of Hall of Famer Jimmy Snuka. Former occasional Total Divas comic relief. The muscle of Lana's team.

Summer Rae: Former and jilted Total Divas cast member. Also a jilted former love interest of Rusev's. She's hanging out with Lana due to [scene missing].

Emma: The once and future main-roster Diva who has spent the past year tearing it up in NXT as Dark Emma.

Brie Bella: Very, very soon to being retired. One half of the Bella Twins. Wife of Daniel Byran. Total Divas cast member.

Natalya: Carrying on the legacy of the Hart Foundation and serving as the veteran in the Divas division. The "Nattie" part of "Nattie's husband." Total Divas cast member.

Paige: Youngest Divas Champion in company history. British and proud of it. Part of an entire family of wrestlers. Total Divas cast member.

Alicia Fox: One third of Team Bella. Ride-or-die real-life best friend of Page. Total Divas cast member.

Eva Marie: All red everything. Your all-time heel queen. Married to the world record holder for "deepest V on a T-shirt." Total Divas cast member.

The story

The Ravishing Russian Lana was the one who started this whole ordeal, via a vicious stink-eyeing of Brie and an unprovoked attack, hitting Brie Mode with her own finisher in the ring. Lana then made a big deal out of running around backstage, giving Paige and the other Divas a bunch of crap about how they USED to be powerful and cool, but now are just pathetic Total Divas reality stars.

Lana soon gained muscle in the form of Team B.A.D., while Brie, Paige and Foxy gained muscle and experience in the form of Natalya. This Divas tag team arms race escalated drastically on the March 22 edition of Main Event, when jilted Divas Summer Rae and Emma joined Lana's squad.

After casting about for a fifth member for her team, Brie tapped -- you'll never believe this -- a Total Divas cast member! The one and only Eva Marie returned to RAW in Brooklyn on Monday to thunderous boos, finalizing the Total Divas team.

These teams are pretty darn even on paper. Because while Lana's team may appear to have a very slight edge in in-ring ability, the Total Divas team all happen to be cast members on the greatest television show to ever exist. So this one is a real toss-up.

We'll find out which team manages to gain superiority and eke out a win on Sunday at WrestleMania 32.

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