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Paige was 'very sad' when WWE stopped using the term 'Divas'

While the majority are quite pleased with WWE making the decision to re-brand its women's division, referring to its female stars the same way they do the men, there are some who were actually sad about it. That includes former Divas Champion Paige, as she explained to Digital Spy:

"I was a little bit sad about it, just because when you grow up and you wanna be a wrestler, you think of Diva, you think of WWE and that's exactly where I wanted to be. I was very sad but I'm glad I'm part of the evolution."

It's worth noting that age has everything to do with this, and there are plenty of young women who grew up watching WWE while the company was pushing the term "Divas" as hard as possible. It makes sense, then, that Paige would feel an attachment to it.

Still, we're all much better off now, right?

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