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Becky Lynch already recruiting Conor McGregor to WWE

She didn't use a pun yet, but give her time.

Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

UFC megastar Conor McGregor caused shockwaves on Tuesday when he sent out a tweet claiming to retire from MMA. While everyone is scrambling to determine whether he's serious (considering he's scheduled to fight in the main event of UFC 200, the company's largest event ever, in mere months), WWE Superstar Becky Lynch is keeping her eyes on the prize.

Lynch, who is also from McGregor's native Ireland, is one of the WWE wrestlers that McGregor recently followed on Twitter. Perhaps she can be the person who convinces McGregor to make the full-time transition to professional wrestling, where his outlandish personality would seem to be a no-brainer of a natural fit.

Let's just hope that Conor McGregor loves pun. God knows Becky Lynch has plenty of them to spare.

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