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Titus O'Neil returns to WWE television in bizarre anti-smoking PSA with Natalya

The good news is, Titus O'Neil is back from suspension! After serving 60 days for playfully grabbing Vince McMahon's arm after Daniel Bryan's retirement speech on Raw back in February, the former tag champ showed up last night on USA Network.

But it wasn't during the wrestling-related parts of the broadcast, and that's where the... maybe not bad, but definitely weird, news comes in.

O'Neil starred in a new public service announcement with Natalya, encouraging people to quit smoking. Sounds great, right? But the conceit of the ad is that Titus finishes things for Natty - so you should finish smoking - and that results in the weird tagline of "Titus O'Neil knows how to #FinishIt", with lots of images of him sneaking up behind the Total Divas star.

And, perhaps because of how Natty and her husband (and their sex life) have been depicted on that 'reality' show, or just because the internet has a collective dirty mind, well...

Welcome back, Titus.

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