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Roman Reigns drinking 'smark tears' is your new favorite wrestling meme

WWE isn't going to turn Roman Reigns into a bad guy. In fact, they're planning on having him tell you that every time you see him for the next ten-to-twelve years.

But they've also decided they don't care what the workrate crowd or those irrate at his "undeserved" push think. A reaction is a reaction, and you can't deny that it gets LOUD whenever the Big Dog enters the arena.

That small shift in his presentation makes this picture from WrestleMania Axxess, Tweeted out this morning by Susie_4186, that much better:

Based on her timeline and the lengthy discussion beneath the original picture, Susie's a big fan of Romey, and brought the cup to Dallas for the pic. So no photo-manipulation (outside the strategically placed watermark with her handle), that's the Big Dog intently enjoying a piping hot mug of "smark tears".

Go forth and share.

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