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Here's Emma owning Becky Lynch

They may not have made it onto Raw - in fact, the Australian Superstar doesn't appear to be on the European tour at all, prompting speculation she may have the same kind of visa issues which got Mauro Ranallo some work in Renee Young's absence last night - but Emma and Becky Lynch's social media raillery did get a mention during the eight-woman tag match, so it looks like reports that they're still a go for Payback are likely correct.

Meanwhile, there's been a few follow-up responses to their initial Twitter exchange. My feelings about the improper description of their first back-and-forth aside, let's check in on what's happened between the Lasskicker and the Evil One since yesterday afternoon:

First, yes, Becky can't count, as Emma has been wearing two palm gloves since her character reinvention on NXT.

Second, unlike Lynch's frequent unkept promises about "taking arms", Emma will slap a... woman with whom she is competing.

Annoyingly refusing to let anyone else get the last word, BEX responded:

Which, while Becky Stans will likely classify it a brilliant comeback... a good rule of thumb? If you have to explain your joke/insult, that means it didn't land the way you planned.

Is it Payback time yet?

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