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New interview suggests Carmella won't be joining Enzo & Cass on WWE main roster anytime soon

While it certainly looks like Enzo & Cass are getting a big push in a suddenly revitalized tag team division on the main WWE roster, it does not appear as though Carmella, who ran with them while they were down in NXT, will be joining them.

At least not anytime soon.

In an interview with, she makes it clear she's branching off to do her own thing:

"My entire NXT career has been alongside Cass & Enzo. Of course, it would have been nice to be out there and relish in the moment of their debut on the night after WrestleMania with them. But, I'm here to be a Superstar and an in-ring performer. I've been training for over two years in the ring now. A lot of the fans don't necessarily get to see what I can do, because they've seen me as the hype girl for Cass & Enzo.

I'm here to compete at a higher level. I want to be NXT Women's Champion. Unfortunately, I can't do everything. I can't be with them and take over the NXT Women's division at the same time. Of course, it's a little sad to not be with them, but it's a super-exciting time for me to break out on my own."

She goes on to say she's "not just the hype girl" and we're going to learn that now that she won't be in anyone's shadow. If nothing else, there's a ready made pairing on the main roster for her to be called up to when (or if) she gets to a point WWE feels she's ready to make the jump.

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