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Nobody steals signs from kids on Cesaro's watch!

House shows are the gift that keeps on giving.

Sure, the trip the men and women of WWE are on right now is crazy. Some point to the schedule as being a contributor to injuries; even the talent will admit it's grueling. But it's also where they're more free to be themselves, try new things and just have fun as live performers.

Our latest example comes from the April 17 show in Nottingham, England. With the return of the Swiss Superman, Cesaro, have come the plain white signs his supporters hold up to indicate they're in his "section".

No good Bulgarian jerkface that he is, Rusev snatched one of these pieces of paper from a kid in the audience. So our hero liberated it, and returned it to its rightful owner.

Sure, you can hear RuRu tell Cesaro to grab the paper back from him, but that's all part of the live event improv. The King of Swing went the extra mile to run to the ramp, ask the security guard whose it was and then make sure it got home.

Plus, like any good morality tale, it ended with the villain get swung around by his ankles for fifteen seconds and then slapped in a Sharpshooter.

Okay, that's very specific to pro wrestling morality tales. Which is why those freaking rule.

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