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Jim Cornette thinks WWE is wasting Dolph Ziggler

The outspoken former manager is frustrated that the company doesn't "do jack" with his favorite singles wrestler

On a recent episode of Jim Ross' Ross Report podcast, guest Jim Cornette was asked who his favorite tag team and singles wrestlers are. When talking about his favorite current singles wrestler, Cornette spoke highly of Dolph Ziggler and derided WWE for not doing more with him.

"As a single, one of my favorite guys, I just like to watch him. If I watch WWE, chances are it's because Dolph Ziggler's involved because we had him in OVW. I knew he was a good athlete, [but] I never dreamed he was going to be the second coming of Curt Hennig. Everything he does is flawless. I think all aspiring wrestlers should watch his, not only his technique, but also the way he throws himself into everything. His stuff is spot on. His timing is great. His stuff looks good. I can't find a flaw in his game. I'm a big Dolph Ziggler fan. They don't do jack all with him."

While it's true that many fans and talent alike have expressed frustration with WWE's handling of Ziggler in recent years, the talent pool in WWE at present time has never been more crowded. While Ziggler hasn't been a heavy focus of television since last year's Survivor Series, he is one of the few talents getting the opportunity to star in a WWE Studios film. Not everyone is getting shot with beanbags in the beanbag, you know.

You can listen to Episode 112 of the Ross Report podcast, featuring Jim Cornette by clcking here.

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