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Scott Hall is a big fan of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

They treated his son really well in the Bullet Club, but he's also a fan of their in-ring work.

In an interview with Title Match Wrestling, which you can watch above, Scott Hall talked about the Bullet Club debuting in the WWE. His son, Cody -- who recently had an injury scare during New Japan's Invasion Attack, but thankfully escaped with nothing more serious than a severe stinger -- is a part of the uber-popular Bullet Club stable, so Hall is quite familiar with the work of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, who just made their WWE debut.

He talked about Anderson living up to his famous wrestling last name and is high on both men. It isn't just because they're friends of and were mentors to his son, although that certainly doesn't hurt.

"I'm happy for Anderson and Gallows. Anderson is kind of like Arn, the mannerisms in the ring. Gallows was Festus before, and he did that pretty cool. He's talented, I like him. Anybody who shows love for my kid, I got love for. Cody told me that a lot of time sponsors take them out and he holds court, he's so funny."

Hall isn't alone in being high on the two, of course. Gallows and Anderson wouldn't have made it straight onto the main WWE roster if the company didn't believe in their value.

If you watch the full video above, you can hear Hall talk about how AJ Styles was a very positive role model for Cody, as well as him weighing in on the ever-popular Jim Cornette-Young Bucks feud.

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