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Eva Marie is still determined to be the first female Rock

In a new interview, Eva Marie once again voiced her desire to be the first woman to be a WWE crossover star.

Longtime fans of Total Divas -- or anyone who has been following Eva Marie's career in general -- will know that the WWE Superstar is determined to follow in the Rock's footsteps and become a genuine mainstream star in addition to being a full-time professional wrestler.

In a new interview with New You, Eva Marie said that her career goals set herself apart from the other women in the WWE. (At the time the interview was conducted, the term "Divas" had not yet been banned.)

"I think that I personally stand out because my end game and career goals are ones that any of the Divas have yet to achieve. Not only do I want to leave an impact on the WWE Universe as an entertainer but I also want to bridge the dynamics of the WWE and the mainstream world. For instance, I want to bring them [WWE] along to Paris fashion week, blockbuster movie, red carpet events, and makeup aisles within major department stores. Being an entertainer is a huge part of who I am but there are many more facets to me. That is why it is important for me to distinguish myself in more ways as an entertainer within the WWE."

While there are a handful of women who have made the most of the opportunity to be on Total Divas, Eva Marie really is the only woman on the WWE roster who has been outspoken about wanting to star in movies and have as much mainstream success as possible while remaining with the company. Maybe it's because other women are more concerned about rocking the boat, but chasing the Rock is certainly an admirable goal.

The lengthy interview has a TON more Eva Marie goodness, including the story behind how she came up with her signature red hair, her fitness tips, her favorite match to date (it was the title match against Bayley) and getting nervous every time she gets in the ring. It's a great read, especially if you're a fan of All Red Everything. Check it out here.

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