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The 10 best WWE entrances

Note: This is a guest post by Sealia Bloom. Follow her on Twitter here.

We did the best and worst theme music, but there's so much more that goes into an entrance. With that in mind, here is a list of the 10 best entrances, the way I, Sealia Bloom, see it. The following list covers both NXT and the WWE main roster, and was generated with the assistance of a small focus group.

1. Shinsuke Nakamura

  • The music mixed with his modified spirit fingers and charisma made this my new number one. I especially love the Michael Jackson/Prince inspired dip he does once in the ring.

2. Bayley

  • The balloon guys really this bring one home. I didn't know this until recently but they actually have names. Cheap plug time! If you don't know, find out on Talking Sheet Episode 69.

3. Finn Balor

  • Finn as The Demon is great. The crawl to the ring and the fact that he made his demon "hair" from the same material that Tyler Breeze has on his boots is a really great sustainability plan for drive through car washes everywhere. LOVE IT.

4. Sasha Banks

  • Her theme is money but she's proven time and again that she knows how to spice up her entrance (see: Takeover Brooklyn, WrestleMania 32). Even her standard entrance is solid, but she's great when it comes time to do it big.

5. New Day

  • I'll be the first to admit that when I was introduced to New Day I thought they were annoying as hell. Now, every time they come on I can't help but talk them through their entrance. The unicorn horns are questionable but no one else on the roster is making sure "I ain't booty."

6. The Wyatt Family

  • The swinging lantern, the beards, the audience participation, and the lighting all creep me the hell out. Then you add the masks and you get a full on bayou feeling. Whether you enjoy the Wyatt Family or not you have to admit their entrance sucks you right in.

7. Undertaker

  • Harnessing the power of the elements along with the dark theme music, fedora, and eyeliner ensured this made it to top ten. I remember when I was younger, the whole undertaker gimmick really creeped me out.

8. Asuka

  • Her robe and mask bring a nice bit of culture. I enjoy how the mask changes depending on the event. (like at Takeover: Dallas with the blue tears).The cadence of the theme song is badass and so is her expression once she de-masks.

9. Tyler Breeze

  • I love to hate Tyler Breeze. The outfits, the boots, the phone cover, the fact that he really does sing his theme song and not just a cameo in it, all meant I needed to ensure he at least made it on the list.

10. Cesaro

  • Two words: Breakaway suit.

Honorable Mention:

The Lucha Dragons

  • I love the gear and the fact that they flip into the ring via a mini trampoline. Side bar: When they wrestle alone, they use different gear than when they're working as a team. That's a great touch.

Agree? Disagree? I look forward to your comments!

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