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Mick Foley: "Triple H does not hate me"

Mick Foley has had to point out that he really doesn't believe Triple H dislikes him, after his teenage son Mickey implied that was actually the case during a YouTube live stream earlier this week.

The relationship between Mick Foley and the McMahon family hasn't always been as warm as it is now.
The relationship between Mick Foley and the McMahon family hasn't always been as warm as it is now.
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

In a weird story, Mick Foley wrote a Facebook post a couple of days ago entitled "THIS MAN DOES NOT HATE ME" after his teenage son Mickey apparently implied during a YouTube live stream that Triple H disliked his father:


Despite what you may have heard, I really don't believe Triple H dislikes me, as my son Mickey implied on his live stream - from which point the story took on a life of its own. Keep in mind, that my son Mickey is on the autism spectrum and while he is a bright and beautiful child, he doesn't always speak with the same type of filter that most of us naturally have – and as a result, he is much more likely to say exactly what comes into his mind.

Sure, it created something of an awkward position for me – but nothing that is said or done will ever take away from the bond Triple H and I share; the bond of great matches as we were moving up the card in 1997 and 1998, and when we were on top of the card, on top of the cell – and figuratively, on top of the world in 2000. Rumors will come and go. But memories like the ones Triple H and I created will last a lifetime."

Foley's response is strange because it doesn't seem like this story gained any traction on wrestling news sites until his Facebook post on the matter and it would seem to have been an issue best dealt with privately.

It's also strange because Foley has written in some of his own books about his past issues with Triple H. For example, in the Hardcore Diaries, Foley claimed "it had just about broke my heart to read that Triple H agreed with Ric [Flair]" that he was a "glorified stuntman" and had only ever drawn money in the business due to the creative genius of Vince McMahon in Flair's autobiography To Be The Man. In Countdown To Lockdown, Foley openly discussed how "the Wrestling Observer Newsletter had hinted that Triple H was not among my biggest fans" in the summer of 2006, at a time when he was sent home for repackaging after being told he didn't connect with the fans anymore. Now we're supposed to forget Mick's own past words and pretend that there was never any heat between himself and Triple H?

Obviously, we now should believe that such "rumors" were completely false because the McMahon family would never work with someone they disliked, surely? Or is Foley worried that WWE management is so thin-skinned that any discussion of their turbulent past could jeopardise his current relationship with them?

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